Packing Tape

BOPP Packaging Tapes are made of Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film which gives it excellent Mechanical and Optical properties. The raw material used, is a thermoplastic polymer, which helps the tape stay effective in both higher and lower temperatures.

With its superior quality adhesive and tensile strength, it is an ideal product for packaging and labeling applications. The structure of the tape also makes the automated and manual application of the packaging tape easier.

The BOPP Packaging Tapes are easy to coat, print, and even laminate, which makes them perfect for the manufacture of Custom Packaging Tape. BOPP Tapes generally comes in brown, transparent and white color, although other colors like red, green, blue, single color with the logo or customized design are also available

Ziplock bags

Zipper bags (ZIP LOCK® bags) are made out of Low-density polyethylene ( LDPE ) with an inbuilt press to close the zipper profile on the bag to make the bag re-closable.

This unique feature distinguishes the bag from a regular packing bag by making it a re-usable bag and making it convenient for packing at the user end as there is no sealing required and the user can open and close the bag multiple times.

Stretch Films

Stretch wrapping is one of the most common tools for unitizing products for transport. However, just because a pallet is wrapped and looks good to the naked eye, does not mean it is wrapped well, efficiently, or most importantly… SAFELY. When the proper stretch wrapping is negated, problems can arise during shipping. Depending on the severity of the problem, your business may end up with a bruised reputation and potential safety failures.

Product Types:

Hand Stretch Films: Hand stretch film is made exclusively to be wrapped by human labor manually. It is also known as hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap, or manual pallet wrap. It is commonly used by companies that wrap small volumes of products. Generally speaking, that would be companies that wrap less than 50 pallets per day.

Machine Stretch Films: Machine stretch film was created to be used by a stretch wrap machine. It has the upper hand over hand film in various ways including but not limited to quicker and greater efficiency in packaging, lower material spends, greater safety, and superior load containment. There are several kinds of machine stretch films: cast machine stretch film, blown machine film, and pre-stretched films.